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Get the Most out of Your Fed-batch Process with Cellvento® ModiFeed Prime COMP


Introducing Cellvento® ModiFeed Prime COMP, a new easy-to-hydrate, single-part pH-neutral feed. This highly concentrated, compacted feed reduces the volume to be added to the bioreactor while increasing product yield. The feed is also stable at room temperature when protected from light, allowing it to remain connected to the bioreactor for easy multiple feedings, thereby streamlining workflows and reducing contamination risk.

The feed supports optimal cell growth and high productivity for a wide range of industrial suspension CHO cell lines. When used in combination with Cellvento® and EX-CELL® Advanced media, it boosts productivity beyond our existing feeds and competitive feeds tested.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Highly concentrated formulation minimized total feed volume (15-27.5%), resulting in maximized bioreactor working volume, decreased product dilution, and increased yield
  • Compacted single-part feed that simplifies hydration, storage, and feeding
  • Auto pH to near neutral that eliminates the use of acids or bases in hydration, and the influence of high or low pH feeds on the fed-batch process
  • The option to store hydrated feed protected from light at either 2-8 °C for up to 90 days or room temperature for up to 30 days, providing streamlined workflows and reduced contamination risk


Rain Lee

Rain Lee


Upstream Technical Application Expert, SEATW & Oceania

Rain is the USP technical application expert for SEATW & Oceania region in our company, based out of Singapore. She provides upstream technical application consultation and consideration for customers developing mAbs, vaccines, and cell and gene therapies.

Rain has more than 8 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. She began her career as an R&D scientist. Prior to joining us, she worked in product management at ThermoFisher, supporting the life science industry. Driven by curiosity, she takes pride in providing the best possible solution and perspective in problem solving.

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