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Envisioning New Concepts for Pharmaceutical 3D Printing and Solubility Enhancement


In this webinar, we will introduce a new concept for additive manufacturing of challenging oral dosage forms. Combining Aprecia's commercial-scale 3D printing platform with our latest solubility enhancement technology, we are envisioning new manufacturing opportunities for formulation developers. Especially in cases where polymorphism or particle properties are inconsistent throughout development, our technology based on Parteck® SLC silica carrier can provide a new manufacturing alternative by creating 3D printed oral solid dosage forms either utilizing pre-loaded carrier material or by direct loading of the carrier during the 3D printing process.

In this webinar, you will gain:

  • The latest insights in 3D printing technologies for oral drug delivery
  • An in-depth understanding of advanced functionalities created by combining a commercial-scale 3D printing manufacturing technology with a solubility enhancement platform
  • Insights into the SoluPrint manufacturing concept
  • New ideas on how advanced manufacturing concepts can benefit your product development


Thomas Kipping, Ph.D.

Thomas Kipping, Ph.D.


Head of Drug Carriers

Dr. Thomas Kipping is an expert in the field of pharmaceutical technology and formulation development. Thomas is currently the head of drug carriers at MilliporeSigma. With more than 10 years of industrial experience, spanning various sectors within the pharmaceutical industry, including drug product development and CDMO services, he has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to advancing pharmaceutical sciences and enhancing drug development processes He holds a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical technology from the University of Bonn.

Michelle Schilling, Ph.D.

Michelle Schilling, Ph.D.

Aprecia Pharmaceuticals

Product Development Manager

Dr. Schilling is currently the manager of product development at Aprecia Pharmaceuticals with 14 years of pharmaceutical experience. She has been a technical leader on multiple cross-functional product development teams with expertise in formulation and process design from early development through scale-up of IR and modified-release drug products.

Her experience includes process development with 3-D printing (binder jetting), tableting, fluid-bed manufacturing, high-shear granulation, coacervation, encapsulation, and roller compaction. Michelle is a chemist by training and holds a Ph.D. in industrial and physical pharmacy from Purdue University.

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