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A Single-Use, Scale Down, Predictive Solution for Intensified Perfusion Development


Perfusion is becoming a typical approach to achieving upstream process intensification. The ability to scale down these processes, however, has been limited due to a lack of appropriate technologies. Labs cannot run enough bench-scale 2L bioreactors with cell retention devices due to resource constraints (skilled labor and facilities) and high-throughput systems lacking the required perfusion or control capabilities.

This webinar describes a new microbioreactor system that fulfills this throughput-performance gap by providing single-use, perfusion bioreactors with a 2mL working volume that can replicate bench-scale perfusion processes at industrially relevant cell densities.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The microbioreactor platform and its capabilities
  • How to integrate the microbioreactor system for your media development workflow
  • How to apply the technology to determine CSPR for specific cell lines
  • How to predict process scalability


Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee


Co-founder of Erbi Biosystem

Kevin Lee recently joined MilliporeSigma with the acquisition of Erbi Biosystems. Kevin was a co-founder at Erbi and developed the core microfluidic technology platform as part of his doctoral research at MIT, including the design of microfluidic continuous culture systems and plastics consumable manufacturing.

He is also an expert in embedded systems, cell culture, and bioengineering, and holds a BSEE from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Kevin is an inventor on 6 patents and has led programs with industry and academia across multiple cell types including E. coli, Pichia, CHO, and CAR-T.

Quang Long Pham, Ph.D.

Quang Long Pham, Ph.D.


Senior Scientist, Innovation-Cell Culture Media Development (ICMD), Bioprocessing Upstream R&D

Dr. Quang Long Pham, a senior scientist in the innovation cell culture media development group, has focused on delivering perfusion products and process development. He is currently leading a high-throughput microfluidic platform technology, a scale-down model for perfusion processes that significantly enhances the capacity of perfusion medium development.

Before joining MilliporeSigma, Dr. Pham earned his Ph.D. degree in chemical engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology and received postdoctoral training in biomedical engineering at Tufts University.

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