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Reflecting on Chiral: Strategies and Tools for Efficient Enantiomer Separations


The separation and analysis of chiral compounds by liquid chromatography has been, and continues to be, an important topic, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, for the past few decades. It is well known that the enantiomeric purity, or lack thereof, in a pharmaceutical formulation can lead to drastic changes in the performance of that drug to inhibit the progression of a disease or, at worse, can make the drug toxic to the patient. Therefore, methods to gauge the enantiomeric purity of pharmaceuticals are a clear requirement and need by analytical chemists in the pharmaceutical industry. To that end, chiral stationary phases have been developed and used to characterize these racemic mixtures.

The focus of this seminar is to provide an overview of different strategies and methods employed over the past several years in characterizing samples containing chiral compounds. Aspects of chiral method development, troubleshooting, and stationary phase screening will be demonstrated. Finally, application examples, including sample prep from complex matrices, will be used to showcase complete solutions for chiral LC and LC-MS workflows.

The engaged audience member, upon listening to the webinar, will learn:

The different modes of chiral chromatography and when to employ them
How to develop a robust chiral screening method and system
How different method variables affect chiral resolution
Aspects of troubleshooting chiral separations


Cory E. Muraco

Cory E. Muraco


Biomolecule Workflows Manager

Cory Muraco is the Biomolecule Workflows Manager at MilliporeSigma, Bellefonte, USA. Cory joined the company in 2013, starting in the Chemical Standards division, developing and validating analytical methods for testing the purity of certified reference materials using GC and LC methods. In 2022, Cory assumed his present role, where he is tasked with supporting the design, development, and execution of the marketing and R&D strategies around MilliporeSigma’s bioanalytical strategy.

Dr. Paul Rodwell

Dr. Paul Rodwell


Senior Technical Advisor, Liquid Chromatography

Paul Rodwell gained his PhD in 1986 from the University of Reading where he studied Chemistry and Organic Photochemistry and gained experience in a wide range of analytical techniques. He subsequently worked in a variety of drug discovery and drug development roles in agrochemical, veterinary and pharmaceutical market sectors, gaining experience in the application of separation science and mass spectrometry, specialising in chiral separations, preparative chromatography and SFC. He is based in the UK and joined Sigma Aldrich in 2012, transferring to the Life Science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, in 2016. Currently he is a Senior Technical Advisor in the Analytical Chromatography Workflows group

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