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Set your Timer: A Proven Rapid Microbial Method Returns



For decades, the original Milliflex® Rapid system, discontinued in 2018, helped QC labs to substantially reduce the time-to-result of sterility, bioburden, in-process and product release testing. The growing need in the industry for proven microbial testing systems has now persuaded us to reintroduce it. The Milliflex® Rapid 2.0 system will be equipped with a range of new features but still be based on the same proven ATP bioluminescence technology and offer the same performance.

Join our product and application experts Estelle Zelter, Adrien Venchiarutti, and Anke Hossfeld for a 45-minute webinar and discover how you can benefit from the revived and enhanced rapid microbial detection platform.

The Agenda:

  • Presentation of the enhanced Milliflex® Rapid 2.0 system
  • Technology and key features
  • Demonstrated applications in sterility and bioburden testing
  • Validation approach for alternative methods (incl. use case)
  • Q&A session and feedback


Anke Hossfeld

Anke Hossfeld


Global Product Manager- Pharma Development

Anke is responsible for innovation and new product development for in-process testing in the pharmaceutical industry. Anke worked as a Technical Assistant in the pharmaceutical field prior to studying food science with a focus on marketing and sales. In 2008, she joined Biotest AG and became International Product Manager for alternative pyrogen and Mycoplasma testing. In 2011. Anke joined our company as Global Product Manager and has been responsible for various product portfolios, including bioburden applications & rapid technologies.

Estelle Zelter

Estelle Zelter


Senior Product Manager–Pyrogens, Alternative & Rapid Sterility Testing

Estelle graduated in biology and biotechnology from a leading French engineering school and has more than 27 years of experience in the F&B and pharmaceutical industries. She has spent 15 years in different European and global marketing roles in the Process Solution division of our company, covering the complete downstream processing portfolio, from bioreactor clarification, through chromatography purification, viral filtration, to final fill and finish in aseptic environment. In 2017, Estelle joined the Biomonitoring division as Senior Product Manager for sterility testing devices, focusing on microbiology and quality control, including compendial, alternative and rapid sterility testing.

Adrien Venchiarutti

Adrien Venchiarutti


Global Product Manager–Filtration & Rapid Detection Platforms

Adrien has gained more than 10 years of experience at our company in developing highly innovative life science products for the pharmaceutical industry and collaborating with the global scientific community. Adrien has worked in different positions across R&D, validation and marketing.

Webinar Information

Microbiological testing

  • Microbial culture media preparation
  • Duration:45min

  • Language:English

  • Session 1:presented June 30, 2022

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