Petri Dishes

glass Petri dishes

Petri dishes are shallow containers made of clear plastics (usually polycarbonate or polystyrene) or borosilicate glass and can come with or without a lid. They are commonly used in microbiology to culture and observe microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. The dishes provide a sterile environment for microorganisms to grow and are often filled with a nutrient-rich agar substrate that supports the growth of the microorganisms. They are also used for other applications including, cell culture and quality control testing within the food industry. They can be disposable or reusable, with reusable types able to withstand repeated sterilization procedures (wet or dry).


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Polycarbonate/Polystyrene Petri Dishes

Nunc and Nunclon® Cell Culture Dishes

These dishes are circular, sterile, γ-irradiated, and made from polystyrene. They are available with both treated and untreated surfaces and usually come with a lid, vented or non-vented. These dishes are commonly used in cell culture.

Corning® Falcon® Bacteriological Petri Dishes

These dishes are sterile, constructed from virgin polystyrene for optimal transparency, and come with a lid. They are suitable for microbial culture.

Corning® Surface Treated Cell Culture Petri Dishes

These dishes are available in both sterile and non-sterile variants, made from polystyrene with optimal transparency. They come with triple-vented lids to provide optimal ventilation and are offered in circular or square shapes, available in standard or heavy-duty plastic.  

Greiner Cell Culture Petri Dishes

These dishes are sterile, made from virgin polystyrene to ensure optimal transparency and come with a lid. They are also available with tissue-culture or ultra-low attachment treatments specialized for optimal cell attachment or to inhibit cell attachment.  

TPP® Tissue Culture Dishes

These dishes are circular, sterile, optically transparent, γ-irradiated, and crafted from high-grade polystyrene. The dish's base is treated for tissue culture, and it features a serrated ring at the bottom for easy handling.

Petri Dish with Petri Pads

These Petri dishes are designed for single-use, made of disposable plastic, and come equipped with an absorbent petri- for culturing micro-organisms captured through membrane filtration. This product is compatible with a range of ampoule media lines, including yeast and mold, total count, and specific microorganism detection and enumeration, such as E. coli.

Glass Petri dishes

Pyrex® Petri Dishes

The Pyrex® dishes are flat, transparent petri dishes made from borosilicate glass and come with a cover. The dish edges feature a beaded design to enhance mechanical strength and ensure uniform spacing between the bottom and cover side wall, effectively minimizing capillary action caused by condensed moisture on the sides. They are not affected chemically or thermally by any of the methods commonly employed in laboratories where sterilization is routinely used.

BRAND® Petri Dishes

The Brand® petri dishes are non-sterile and are made from soda-lime glass, complete with a lid. Both the base and cover are flat and free from any bubbles and streaks.

Aldrich Essentials Petri Dishes

These Petri dishes are non-sterile and are constructed from soda-lime glass. They feature a non-treated surface and come with a lid.

Foxx Life Sciences Borosil® Culture/ Petri Dishes

These petri dishes are high-quality disposable dishes, compatible with most automated systems. They offer exceptional optical clarity, making them convenient for use with a microscope. Their design allows for stacking, which saves a lot of incubator space. Vented dishes come with raised lids to enable superior gas exchange and evaporation, while non-vented dishes feature flat lids to prevent evaporation and promote longer incubation periods, particularly suitable for anaerobic applications. These aseptic dishes are manufactured in clean rooms under low bioburden conditions, ensuring the best results in all applications.

Corning® Soda Lime Silica Glass Petri Dishes

These Petri dishes are circular, reusable, non-sterile, and made from soda-lime glass, complete with lids.

Duran® Petri Dish (sectional)

These dishes are available with or without sections and are used for preparing agar and for biological and clinical work.

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