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TLC Explorer Service & Support

The TLC Explorer Documentation System in a front-facing view.

The TLC Explorer Documentation System is an advanced instrumental and software solution designed to provide a reliable TLC plate analysis. The device offers both visual check and software-based thin layer chromatographic analysis along with quantification. It can analyze one or more TLC plates with an area of up to 20 × 20 cm. In addition, the system uses three types of LED light sources— white light (visible spectrum), UV-A (wavelength of 366nm), and UV-C (wavelength of 254nm), to illuminate the plates from an overhead position in direct-light mode and identify distinct substance classes.

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TLC Explorer Updates

Save your time by downloading the free upgrades to keep the pre-programmed methods up-to-date and unlock new features to improve the system’s usability in your laboratory. Please find the latest free software listed below. 

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