• Deletion of Jdp2 enhances Slc7a11 expression in Atoh-1 positive cerebellum granule cell progenitors in vivo.

Deletion of Jdp2 enhances Slc7a11 expression in Atoh-1 positive cerebellum granule cell progenitors in vivo.

Stem cell research & therapy (2021-07-01)
Chia-Chen Ku, Kenly Wuputra, Kohsuke Kato, Jia-Bin Pan, Chia-Pei Li, Ming-Ho Tsai, Michiya Noguchi, Yukio Nakamura, Chung-Jung Liu, Te-Fu Chan, Ming-Feng Hou, Shigeharu Wakana, Yang-Chang Wu, Chang-Shen Lin, Deng-Chyang Wu, Kazunari K Yokoyama

The cerebellum is the sensitive region of the brain to developmental abnormalities related to the effects of oxidative stresses. Abnormal cerebellar lobe formation, found in Jun dimerization protein 2 (Jdp2)-knockout (KO) mice, is related to increased antioxidant formation and a reduction in apoptotic cell death in granule cell progenitors (GCPs). Here, we aim that Jdp2 plays a critical role of cerebellar development which is affected by the ROS regulation and redox control. Jdp2-promoter-Cre transgenic mouse displayed a positive signal in the cerebellum, especially within granule cells. Jdp2-KO mice exhibited impaired development of the cerebellum compared with wild-type (WT) mice. The antioxidation controlled gene, such as cystine-glutamate transporter Slc7a11, might be critical to regulate the redox homeostasis and the development of the cerebellum. We generated the Jdp2-promoter-Cre mice and Jdp2-KO mice to examine the levels of Slc7a11, ROS levels and the expressions of antioxidation related genes were examined in the mouse cerebellum using the immunohistochemistry. The cerebellum of Jdp2-KO mice displayed expression of the cystine-glutamate transporter Slc7a11, within the internal granule layer at postnatal day 6; in contrast, the WT cerebellum mainly displayed Sla7a11 expression in the external granule layer. Moreover, development of the cerebellar lobes in Jdp2-KO mice was altered compared with WT mice. Expression of Slc7a11, Nrf2, and p21Cip1 was higher in the cerebellum of Jdp2-KO mice than in WT mice. Jdp2 is a critical regulator of Slc7a11 transporter during the antioxidation response, which might control the growth, apoptosis, and differentiation of GCPs in the cerebellar lobes. These observations are consistent with our previous study in vitro.

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