• Methionine transsulfuration pathway is upregulated in long-lived humans.

Methionine transsulfuration pathway is upregulated in long-lived humans.

Free radical biology & medicine (2020-12-04)
Natàlia Mota-Martorell, Mariona Jové, Consuelo Borrás, Rebeca Berdún, Èlia Obis, Joaquim Sol, Rosanna Cabré, Irene Pradas, José Daniel Galo-Licona, Josep Puig, José Viña, Reinald Pamplona

Available evidences point to methionine metabolism as a key target to study the molecular adaptive mechanisms underlying differences in longevity. The plasma methionine metabolic profile was determined using a LC-MS/MS platform to systematically define specific phenotypic patterns associated with genotypes of human extreme longevity (centenarians). Our findings demonstrate the presence of a specific plasma profile associated with human longevity characterized by an enhanced transsulfuration pathway and tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle intermediates, as well as a reduced content of specific amino acids. Furthermore, our work reveals that centenarians maintain a strongly correlated methionine metabolism, suggesting an improved network integrity, homeostasis and more tightly regulated metabolism. We have discovered a particular methionine signature related to the condition of extreme longevity, allowing the identification of potential mechanisms and biomarkers of healthy aging.

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