• Dengue fever and chikungunya virus infections: identification in travelers in Uganda - 2017.

Dengue fever and chikungunya virus infections: identification in travelers in Uganda - 2017.

Tropical diseases, travel medicine and vaccines (2019-12-05)
John T Kayiwa, Annet M Nankya, Irene Ataliba, Charity A Nassuna, Isaac E Omara, Jeffrey W Koehler, John M Dye, Eric C Mossel, Julius J Lutwama

Arboviruses are (re-) emerging viruses that cause significant morbidity globally. Clinical manifestations usually consist of a non-specific febrile illness that may be accompanied by rash, arthralgia and arthritis and/or with neurological or hemorrhagic syndromes. The broad range of differential diagnoses of other infectious and non-infectious etiologies presents a challenge for clinicians. While knowledge of the geographic distribution of pathogens and the current epidemiological situation, incubation periods, exposure risk factors and vaccination history can help guide the diagnostic approach, the non-specific and variable clinical presentation can delay final diagnosis. This case report summarizes the laboratory-based findings of three travel-related cases of arbovirus infections in Uganda. These include a patient from Bangladesh with chikungunya virus infection and two cases of dengue fever from Ethiopia. Early detection of travel-imported cases by public health laboratories is important to reduce the risk of localized outbreaks of arboviruses such as dengue virus and chikungunya virus. Because of the global public health importance and the continued risk of (re-) emerging arbovirus infections, specific recommendations following diagnosis by clinicians should include obtaining travel histories from persons with arbovirus-compatible illness and include differential diagnoses when appropriate.

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