Cleanup of gloves contaminated with granular terbufos and tefluthrin.

Archives of environmental contamination and toxicology (2002-03-23)
C Guo, J Stone, H M Stahr, M Shelley

Chemical-resistant gloves are used for protection from pesticides in farming operations. Cleanup of gloves after pesticide contamination was the focus of this research. Nitrile, neoprene, and barrier laminate glove specimens were exposed to 300 mg terbufos or tefluthrin granules for 3 or 30 min in petri dishes in a laboratory. Specimens were cleaned by flush with running water or LaunderOmeter washing with detergent. Following the cleanup treatments, specimens were dried and placed in test tubes with solvents to extract pesticide residue. Levels of contamination remaining were determined by gas chromatography. The residue remaining varied with exposure time, material type, cleanup method, and pesticide. Flush was more effective with the shorter exposure time. Tefluthrin was more effectively removed than terbufos. Barrier laminate was confirmed as a single-use material. Cleanup procedures reduced contamination in nitrile and neoprene, but findings show that these materials retained residue after cleanup.

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Terbufos, PESTANAL®, analytical standard