Allergic contact dermatitis from oleyl alcohol in Elidel cream.

Contact dermatitis (2006-11-15)
Klaus Ejner Andersen, Sigurd Broesby-Olsen

We report an atopic dermatitis patient with recurrent hand dermatitis who developed a severe allergic contact dermatitis from the use of Elidel cream. Diagnostic patch tests showed an isolated contact allergy to the emulsifier oleyl alcohol present in the product. Pimecrolimus appeared to have had an aggravating effect on the dermatitis in spite of its immunosuppressive effects. The initial clinical appearance of the patient's widespread dermatitis was atypical with resemblance to subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus. Even though emulsifiers are widely used in topical products, contact allergic reactions to these are relatively uncommon.

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Oleyl alcohol, ≥99% (GC)
Oleyl alcohol, technical grade, 85%