• Prevention of bone loss by Panax ginseng in a rat model of inflammation-induced bone loss.

Prevention of bone loss by Panax ginseng in a rat model of inflammation-induced bone loss.

Cellular and molecular biology (Noisy-le-Grand, France) (2013-02-13)
U Avsar, E Karakus, Z Halici, Y Bayir, H Bilen, A Aydin, U Z Avsar, A Ayan, S Aydin, A Karadeniz

This study evaluated the protective effect of Panax Ginseng (PG) on bone metabolism in an experimental ovariectomy (OVX) model of osteoporosis in which inflammation was induced by subcutaneous magnesium silicate. The groups were: sham control (Group1, SH), sham+inflammation (Group2, SHinf), OVX (Group3), OVX+inflammation (Group4, OVXinf), OVX+inflammation+PG 100 mg/kg (Group5, OVXinf+PG1), OVX+inflammation+PG 200 mg/kg (Group6, OVXinf+PG2), OVX+PG 100 mg/kg (Group7, OVX+PG1), OVX+PG 200 mg/kg (Group8, OVX+PG1). After the OVX surgery, all the groups were allowed to recover for two months. On the 59th day after the OVX, inflammation was induced in Groups 2, 4, 5, and 6 by subcutaneous injections of magnesium silicate in the back of the animals. Groups 5 and 7 were administered oral PG 100 mg/kg, and Groups 6 and 8 were administered oral PG 200 mg/kg from the 60th to the 80th day. PG 200 mg/kg was able to restore BMD, up to values measured in both the OVX and the SH animals. The levels of OC and OP decreased in OVXinf+PG1 and OVXinf+PG2 groups. The serum levels of TNF—α, IL—1β, and IL—6 were increased significantly in the OVXinf rats compared with the SH group. The present data showed that PG protected against in the OVX model and in inflammation-induced bone loss rat model.

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