• Evaluation of the developmental toxicity of alpha-iso-methylionone in rats.

Evaluation of the developmental toxicity of alpha-iso-methylionone in rats.

International journal of toxicology (2007-06-15)
Valerie T Politano, Elise M Lewis, Alan M Hoberman, Mildred S Christian, Robert M Diener, Anne Marie Api

Alpha-iso-methylionone, a widely used fragrance ingredient, was evaluated for developmental toxicity in presumed pregnant Sprague-Dawley rats (25/group). Oral dosages of 0, 3, 10, or 30 mg/kg/day alpha-iso-methylionone in corn oil were administered by gavage on gestational days 7 to 17. The presence of spermatozoa and/or a copulatory plug in situ was designated as gestational day. Rats were observed for viability, clinical signs, body weights, and feed consumption. Caesarean sectioning and necropsy occurred on gestational day 21. Uteri were examined for number and distribution of implantations, live and dead fetuses, and early and late resorptions. Numbers of corpora lutea were also recorded. Fetuses were weighed and examined for gender, gross external changes, and soft tissue or skeletal alterations. No maternal or fetal deaths occurred. No fragrance ingredient-related clinical signs were observed. Feed consumption, body weight gains, gross tissue changes at necropsy, and caesarean section or litter parameters, as well as fetal developmental morphology, were unaffected by dosages of alpha-iso-methylionone as high as 30 mg/kg/day. Based on these data, maternal and developmental no observed adverse effect levels of equal to or greater than 30 mg/kg/day were established for alpha-iso-methylionone. It is concluded that alpha-iso-methylionone is not a developmental toxicant in rats at maternal doses of up to 30 mg/kg/day.

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α-Cetone, odorant used in allergy studies