Pittsburgh pneumonia agent: direct isolation from human lung tissue.

The Journal of infectious diseases (1980-06-01)
A W Pasculle, J C Feeley, R J Gibson, L G Cordes, R L Myerowitz, C M Patton, G W Gorman, C L Carmack, J W Ezzell, J N Dowling

Pittsburgh pneumonia agent (PPA) was recently cultivated from infected egg yold on charcoal yeast extract agar. PPA has now been isolated both from infected egg yolk and human lung tissue on charcoal yeast extract agar and on a new medium, buffered charcoal yeast extract agar. PPA resembles Legionella pneumophila and other Legionella-like organisms in requirements for growth and composition of fatty acids. It differs in genetic relatedness, antigenic composition, and colonial morphology and has distinctive characteristics that allow it to be identified. The name Legionella pittsburgensis species nova is proposed for this organism.

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