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MQuant® StripScan - Don’t Guess, Measure!

Download your free mobile app for test strip readout now - available at the Android Play store or Apple App store.

Download on your iPhone or iPad

Download on your Android phone or tablet

Make your rapid testing easier and more accurate for in-process control in food and beverage production, disinfection control and environmental testing. MQuant® test strips and the MQuant® StripScan app provide all the reliability and consistency that you expect from a premium rapid test, with added digital data management options:

  • Accurate chemical analysis with the digital precision using your smartphone or tablet
  • Automatic data acquisition and documentation, traceability, and collaboration options
  • NEW with 10+ compatible test strip parameters such as ammonium, ascorbic acid, nitrate, nitrite, peracetic acid, peroxide, pH, sulfate, sulfite, total hardness, with more to come
  • NEW MQuant® Card: Universal color reference now provided as added value with all compatible test strips at no extra cost
  • Free MQuant®StripScan app available on Android and Apple app stores – download NOW!
  • Visit the MQuant® StripScan Web portal for advanced  data management and LIMS transfer

Explore how to use MQuant® StripScan

Start the app and get your MQuant® test strip and MQuant® Card ready

  1. Dip the test strip into your sample
  2. Select the corresponding parameter in the app and await countdown
  3. Place your test strip on the MQuant® Card and take an image with the automatic app acquisition mechanism
  4. Receive the test result in the app

Our MQuant® StripScan app allows easy readout of 10 different chemical parameter results in just seconds. The app provides effortless result analysis, management, and data sharing along with efficient visualization for easy and transparent data interpretation.

Technical Information:

App compatibility:

  • The MQuant® StripScan app is available and validated for iOS 15 and Android OS 12 mobile devices (smartphones and tablets; downward compatibility possible).

How to get the reference cards:

  • MQuant® tests. which are compatible with MQ StripScan app. have a universal reference card “MQuant® Card” included in the package.
  • The MQuant® pH boxes have the card attached through a translucent film pocket on exterior of the package.
  • The MQuant® chemical test strips that are delivered in aluminum tubes with outer cardboard packaging have the card included in the cardboard box, next to the instruction leaflet.
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