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User Guide Dispensing Pressure Vessel Fitting Kit

The pressure vessel fitting kit (Product No. XX67000PK) is designed for use with the following dispensing pressure vessels:

  • 5 liter, Product No. XX6700P05
  • 10 liter, Product No. XX6700P10
  • 20 liter, Product No. XX6700P20
  • 1 gallon, Product No. XX6700P01

The fitting kit provides the components required for assembly of two identical connectors (one to regulate the gas supply from the pressure source and the other to control fluid delivery to the filter holder) plus a pressure gauge and a vent/relief valve.

The components of the fitting kit are detailed in the figure below (items f–k, outside the dashed outline). Other pressure vessel components and accessories (items a–e, inside the dashed outline) are available separately and are listed in the Product Ordering Information section.

Components of Pressure Vessel Fitting Kit and Accessories


Installing the Fitting Kit

  1. Wrap all threaded male fittings in the kit with PTFE tape.
  2. Attach one end of a hex nipple (h) to a ball valve (i), as shown below.
  3. Attach the other end of the hex nipple (h) to the pressure vessel’s inlet elbow fitting (c), as shown below.
  1. Attach the second hex nipple (h) and ball valve (i) to the pressure vessel’s outlet elbow fitting (c).
  2. Attach a quick-disconnect fitting (j) to each ball valve (i), as shown below.
  1. Attach a barbed hose connector (k) to each quick-disconnect fitting (j), as shown above.
  2. Unscrew the plastic plugs from the two remaining ports on the top of the pressure vessel. Discard the plugs.
  3. Install the pressure gauge (g) and the vent/relief valve (f) in the two open ports.
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