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Downloadable 96 Well Plate Templates

A multiwell plate template is used to design scientific experiments for which different groups of controls or samples are needed. These free downloadable and printable well-plate, microwell, or microtiter plate templates are available in 96- and 24-well formats, for a range of different experimental purposes.

96-Well Plate Template

Download 96-Well Template: PNG JPG PDF SVG (opens a browser window).

Or, click the image to download the 96-well plate template.

96 well-plate template

Click to download this 96 well-plate template.

Downloadable 24 Well Plate Template

Download 24 Well Plate Template: PDF JPG PNG

Improving Assay Accuracy and Workflow

Well-plates are used in a variety of assays such as ELISA and PCR, as well as for applications such as sample collection, compound preparation, combinatorial chemistry, high throughput screening, nucleic acid purification, bacterial culture growth, and plate replication. Choosing the right plate well shape, color, and material can help improve assay accuracy and workflow. Plate shape will depend on the type of experiment such as small V bottom (PCR reaction), flat bottom (cell assays and quantitation assays) and round bottom (unattached cell proliferation, DNA extraction).

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Using the right liquid handling tool can also help improve the reproducibility of results for vital research. Experiments are often performed manually using a pipettor or with a robotic liquid handler, greatly influencing assay precision, accuracy, and time needed to perform critical assays. For example, a multichannel pipette can increase sample throughput and consistency in assay performance, while reducing user fatigue. Manual dispensers can help reduce the risk of cross-contamination and simplify procedures with variable liquid properties or different concentrations of compounds.

Numbered Well-Plate Orienters

In addition to using the reference templates provided on this page, you might also find it useful to position a well orienter, a multiwell plate accessory, under your microplates. This thin plastic card is alpha-numerically labeled to help identify every well in a plate. Our 96-well orienter is sized to easily line up with the wells on standard plates.

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