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TRC Library Citations

The MISSION® TRC1.5 human and mouse shRNA libraries are the proven performers for small-scale to high-throughput RNAi screening. Below you will find a selection of papers where researchers have published in peer-reviewed journals using the TRC1/1.5 library and have cited The Broad Institute or us as their source of high quality reagents. Unlike other shRNA libraries, the clones cited in these publications are the same clones available from us. If a specific clone is not found in our catalog, please inquire here for availability.

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How to Cite the TRC Library

In scientific publications, the human library should be referred to as MISSION® TRC-Hs 1.0 (Human) while the mouse library should be referred to as MISSION® TRC-Mm 1.0 (Mouse). If your TRC library was purchased after July 2011, the human library should be referred to as MISSION® TRC-Hs 1.5 (Human) while the mouse library should be referred to as MISSION® TRC-Mm 1.5 (Mouse). If you experimented with our TRC2 library, the human library should be referred to as MISSION® TRC-Hs 2.0 (Human) while the mouse library should be referred to as MISSION® TRC-Mm 2.0 (Mouse).Individual clones should be identified by their unique TRC number (e.g. MISSION® TRC shRNA TRCN0000030720).

MISSION® shRNA Publications

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