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Membrane Filters and Dispenser for High Volume Filtration

Fast, robust and no-touch membrane filter dispenser for high-volume sampling

The EZ-Pak® Dispenser Curve revolutionizes filter handling for membrane filtration by combining the benefits of high-speed sterile membrane dispensing, no-touch operation and one-handed membrane transfer.

Make your membrane filtration sampling workflow more convenient:

  • Robust
  • Touch-free detection
  • Easy membrane loading
  • Easy decontamination
  • Easy handling
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Cableless

EZ-Pak® filter membranes for use with the EZ-Pak® dispenser

Combined with our EZ-Pak® filter membranes , our membrane dispenser allows high-throughput microbiological testing. Each cartridge contains 150 membranes for less frequent reloading—ideal for high volume sampling. We offer a wide variety of membranes covering many applications.

For the ultimate in convenience and efficiency, combine the EZ-Pak® system with the Microfil® filtration system. The Microfil® system includes ready-to-use, sterile filtration funnels and a unique filtration support to facilitate sample processing. No preparation steps required.

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