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Amicon® Ultra Centrifugal Filters

Concentrate your protein, don’t lose it. Recover protein reliably when you concentrate with Amicon® Ultra filters. We’ve engineered Amicon® Ultra filters with low-binding Ultracel® regenerated cellulose membranes to ensure more precise molecular weight cut-offs. Amicon® Ultra centrifugal filters are available in four different volumes:

  • Amicon® Ultra 0.5 mL Centrifugal Filters
  • Amicon® Ultra 2 mL Centrifugal Filters
  • Amicon® Ultra 4 mL Centrifugal Filters
  • Amicon® Ultra 15 mL Centrifugal Filters

Unmatched performance of Amicon® Ultra filters

The video below demonstrates the clear difference between Amicon® Ultra filters and other centrifugal filters. Though the competitor device may appear to filter faster, protein is lost through the membrane.

How to select an Amicon® Ultra filter

  • Determine the starting volume of your sample
  • Determine the molecular weight (MW) of your macromolecule of interest, and choose an ultrafiltration membrane with a molecular weight cut-off (MWCO) that is 2-3 times smaller than the MW.
  • Select pack size

Protocols using Amicon® Ultra Filters

Ultrafiltration is an ideal method for concentrating, desalting, and exchanging buffers of protein samples. But did you know that you can use ultrafiltration devices for other applications, such as cleaning up labeling reactions, purifying antibodies, and removing detergents? Visit our Amicon® protein sample ultrafiltration protocol page for step-by-step protocols for using ultrafiltration membrane-based devices for a variety of applications.

Amicon® Ultra filtration products

UFC8010 and UFC9010 are certified for clinical applications.

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