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Karl Fisher: Como extrair resultados na sua rotina analítica


What Does it Cover?
Karl Fischer's analysis plays a fundamental role in the control of raw materials and finished products in the most diverse segments of industrial activity. What are the main features of this technique? How can I improve my accuracy and preserve my equipment to achieve good results?

What Will You Learn?

  • Main characteristics of equipment and reagents used in this technique
  • How to check and improve the accuracy of your results Good Laboratory
  • Practices related to Karl Fischer titration

Who Should Attend?

  • Analysts
  • Coordinators and laboratory assistants responsible for moisture analysis in raw materials and finished products, in segments such as pharmaceutical
  • In segments such as pharmaceutical, food, chemical and petrochemical


Aline Recacho

Aline Recacho


Application Specialist

Application Specialist at METTLER TOLEDO-Chemistry Industrial with experience in the development of processes in the areas of Production, Quality and Products. 10 years experience in training, technical presentations, workshops and development of new applications in various industry segments.

Diego Araujo

Diego Araujo


Analytical Workflow Product Specialist

Analytical Workflow Product Specialist - Spectroscopy and Titration, working at MilliporeSigma since 2018.

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