Intensified & Continuous Upstream (USP) Processing

Future-proof your manufacturing strategies, reduce costs and increase facility flexibility with intensified fed-batch and perfusion processes

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Biopharmaceutical developers and manufacturers need efficient, productive upstream processes that deliver high quality monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and other types of recombinant proteins. Process intensification, including intensified fed-batch and perfusion processes, can future-proof their manufacturing strategies, reduce costs, and increase facility flexibility.

With a full suite of solutions designed to support the increased demands of intensified upstream processes and technical support from teams with years of experience, we can help you realize the benefits of upstream process intensification without compromising clinical milestones or speed to market.

Seed Train Intensification

The traditional seed train process is time- and labor-intensive, requiring operators to transfer and manually cultivate the cells as they generate biomass to inoculate the production bioreactor. The manual transfer of cells between vessels also creates an increased risk of contamination.

Seed train intensification increases facility flexibility and reduces operator hands-on time, improving efficiency and reducing risk. This can be achieved in two ways, both of which are compatible with fed-batch and perfusion production processes:

  • Perfusion operations in the seed train, which reach significantly higher cell densities than batch-based processes;
  • Incorporation of high volume, high cell density cryopreservation sample bags to decouple manual inoculum train and bioreactor seed train processes, reducing steps, achieving time savings and enabling closed process operations.

The BioContinuum™ Seed Train Platform is the solution to intensify your seed train during mAb production.

The platform includes:

With these products, technical support, and application studies designed to address diverse manufacturing scenarios, mAb manufacturers can accelerate upstream process development and confidently scale up to clinical and commercial volumes.

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BioContinuum™ Platform: Your enabler of the biomanufacturing facility of the future!

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