mAbs Characterization & Quality Control

The key for ensuring drug safety and efficacy


Characterization and quality control of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) is essential to ensure their efficacy and safety. Analytical techniques, like HPLC and mass spectrometry, are vital to assess various properties, such as aggregation, charge variants, and post-translational modifications (PTMs). Our extensive selection of products supports the detailed analysis and evaluation of mAbs to maintain quality and effectiveness.

Intact Mass Analysis of Monoclonal Antibodies

Intact mass analysis of monoclonal antibodies is performed to determine accurate molecular weights of mAb proteoforms for characterization and quality control of the mAb. This technique analyzes mAbs in their intact state using high-resolution mass spectrometry to confirm amino acid composition and detect heterogeneities and glycoforms.​

Discover our wide variety of products to monitor the quality and verify consistency in your mAb workflow, including high-performance size-exclusion columns (SEC), ion exchange columns, reversed-phase columns, HPLC buffers, MALDI matrices and standards, high-purity solvents, reagents, tools for protein sample preparation, and reference materials. 

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HPLC column is installed in lab instrument. The hands of a lab worker are shown wearing blue nitrile gloves.
HPLC Columns

Achieve precise separations and characterization with our SEC, ion exchange, and RP columns.

Five scientists wearing white lab coats, safety goggles and blue nitrile gloves work at different stations within the lab operating chemistry analytical instruments and filling glass beakers and vials.
HPLC Buffers

Reliably couple your analysis directly to the MS with our MS-compatible buffers.

Large, brown solvent bottle with Supelco® branded label is opened by a lab worker wearing blue nitrile gloves. Only the hands and lower arms of the worker are shown. One small brown solvent bottle and two small white bottles can be seen in the background.
High-Purity Solvents

Use our highest grade of solvents in mAb production to minimize the risk of impurities.

Close-up view of lab worker's blue gloved hand holding a centrifugal tube containing a green solution.
MALDI Matrices and Standards

Analyze critical information on the identity, purity, and structural integrity of mAbs.

Dark-haired female lab worker wearing safety goggles, white lab coat and blue nitrile gloves prepares a solution of reagents. Glass vials, glass beakers and a computer screen are visible in the background.
Analytical Reagents

Explore our ELISA kits, Western blotting reagents, and fluorescent dyes for mAb characterization.

Dark-haired female scientist wearing in blue nitrile gloves, white lab coat, and safety goggles pipettes solution into a centrifugal tube
Protein Sample Preparation

Ensure the accuracy and reliability of downstream analytical techniques by isolating the mAb.

Lab with white cupboards and chemistry lab equipment used for quantitative analysis is shown without any people working. Fume hood, glass vials and beakers are visible.
Reference Materials

Use for calibrating and validating analytical methods to ensure high purity and accuracy.

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