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MAS-100 NT®

Portable Microbial Air Sampler for microbial monitoring of ambient air in controlled environments up to ISO 5 cleanrooms.

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microbial air monitoring systems, Portable air sampler


according to ISO 14698

Quality Level


model (portable)


pkg of 1 kit


MAS-100 NT®


2.3 kg (including perforated lid)


air monitoring
food and beverages

General description

The MAS-100 NT® microbial air monitoring systems are high performance, portable, battery operated instrument which are based on the principle of the Andersen air sampler. These compact yet sophisticated devices are the preferred choice for those demanding the highest quality in microbial air monitoring. A specified amount of air is aspirated through a 300-hole x 0.6 mm perforated lid and impacted onto the surface of growth media in standard 90-100 mm Petri dishes. Also 55-60 mm contact plates can be used with specified adapters and perforated lids. Microorganisms are impacted onto agar and, after an appropriate incubation period, the colonies are counted. The system measures the airflow and regulates it to a constant value of 100 standard liters/min. A Standard Liter Per Minute (SLPM) is adjusted to a specific environmental temperature and pressure, this ensure the amount of air sampled is always the same and independent of environmental conditions. These systems have the highest airflow accuracy of ± 2.5%, compared to others that can be as high as ±10%. The integrated flow sensor and high precision of perforated lids allows the user to freely interchange the perforated lids without affecting the accuracy or the calibration of the unit. The instruments are independently validated according to ISO 14698-1 with very good physical efficiency providing a D50 value below 1μm and a high biological efficiency result. The MAS-100 NT® is powered by a Lithium ion rechargeable battery with an intelligent charging program that assures long battery life without routine discharging.


The MAS-100 NT® air sampler is used for microbial monitoring of ambient air in controlled environments up to ISO 5 cleanrooms. Microbial air sampling devices are extensively used in Pharmaceutical and Personal care industries as well as Food, Beverage and Environmental applications. Additionally, a regulation for compounding pharmacies, USP797, that requires active air sampling in the level 5 and above areas.


Includes hard carrying case, battery, 300-hole perforated lid, dust cover, main charger, USB cable, 3 mm allen key, and USB stick with all documentation

Legal Information

MAS-100 NT is a registered trademark of MBV AG


Product No.

Storage Class Code

10-13 - German Storage Class 10 to 13

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How to Achieve Full Data Integrity for the MAS-100 NT® Air Sampler

EU GMP Annex 1 explains how to achieve data integrity for the MAS-100 NT® air sampler by treating the instrument as a simple probe and integrating the instrument in a 21 CFR part 11 compliant, fully computerized, environmental monitoring management system.

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