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QIAcard FTA PlantSaver cards

4 sample areas per card, pkg of 100 ea

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QIAcard FTA PlantSaver (100), Whatman FTA, Z719811, whatman fta cards


125 μL maximum volume/sample area, 500 μL maximum total volume/card


pkg of 100 ea


Qiagen WB120065

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QIAcard FTA Gene cards


pkg of 100 ea


pkg of 5 cards


pkg of 100 cards


pkg of 100 cards


Qiagen WB120065


Qiagen WB120028


Qiagen WB120211


Qiagen WB120208

General description

The 4 spot area QIAcard FTA PlantSaver format provides a laminated flap that allows you to vigorously crush plant or insect samples into the FTA matrix without damaging the FTA card.

Analyze plant DNA by PCR-based assays, Detection of Genetically Modified (GM) organisms, Marker selected breeding, Varietal identification, Phylogeny analysis, Amplification of low copy number loci, Invader assays, Multiple displacement amplification, Transgenic identification.

Plant tissue is physically crushed on the card and the DNA binds to the matrix.
The chemical coating on the FTA card protects the DNA from degradation and allows the cards to be stored at room temperature for extended periods of time. To prepare the sample for PCR, the matrix is washed with two nontoxic aqueous buffers.
The DNA remains bound to the matrix throughout purification and a small disk (1.2 or 2 mm in diameter) of the matrix provides enough template for PCR analysis.

Features and Benefits

  • Simply pressing plant samples onto the FTA matrix or applying homogenate captures and stabilizes the DNA.
  • Store and collect at room and high temperatures for convenient collection in the field.
  • Smaller sample size: Only young leaves are required, reducing growing time and speeding research.
  • Fast purification in 30 minutes: PCR-ready DNA can be purified on FTA in three simple steps, all in a single tube at room temperature.

Other Notes

Sample integrity is optimized when FTA Cards are stored in a Multi-Barrier Pouch with a Desiccant Packet.
Field of Use : For internal research use only

Legal Information

FTA is a trademark of Qiagen Group
QIAcard is a trademark of Qiagen Group

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Description of common problems that can occur during genomic DNA preparation

This article describes the evaluation of Whatman FTA cards from Cytiva for their ability to collect, store, and isolate high-quality RNA from a variety of crude biological samples.

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a technique that results in exponential amplification of a target DNA sequence.


This document shows intructions for EasiCollect™ device from Cytiva.

This study examined the yield and quality of DNA from samples applied to Whatman FTA cards, using five common methods of DNA extraction.

A number of options are available for sample collection, transport, archiving, and DNA purification.

Spectrophotometry can be used to estimate DNA or RNA concentration and to analyze the purity of the preparation.

Our team of scientists has experience in all areas of research including Life Science, Material Science, Chemical Synthesis, Chromatography, Analytical and many others.

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