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Emprove® Dossiers for Cell Culture Media in Upstream Processes

Illustration of scientist focused on quality of final drug product, supported by Emprove® CCM portfolio

Cell culture media (CCM) drive the productivity of upstream processes and help ensure critical quality attributes of the final drug product. Because of this critical role in manufacturing, along with increased regulatory focus on raw materials, it is recommended that media be included in drug product risk assessments.1,2

To ease the burden of collecting the extensive information needed for a thorough assessment, Cellvento® CHO cell culture media are included in our Emprove® Program.  

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Dossiers that support upstream productivity, risk assessment, and product quality

As part of the Emprove® Program, cell culture media in our Emprove® CCM portfolio include comprehensive dossiers that facilitate your process optimization, risk assessment, and quality efforts. 

Target Emprove® Dossier Availability for Cellvento® Media

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