A Single-use Strategy to Enable Manufacturing of Affordable Biologics.

Computational and structural biotechnology journal (2016-08-30)
Renaud Jacquemart, Melissa Vandersluis, Mochao Zhao, Karan Sukhija, Navneet Sidhu, Jim Stout

The current processing paradigm of large manufacturing facilities dedicated to single product production is no longer an effective approach for best manufacturing practices. Increasing competition for new indications and the launch of biosimilars for the monoclonal antibody market have put pressure on manufacturers to produce at lower cost. Single-use technologies and continuous upstream processes have proven to be cost-efficient options to increase biomass production but as of today the adoption has been only minimal for the purification operations, partly due to concerns related to cost and scale-up. This review summarizes how a single-use holistic process and facility strategy can overcome scale limitations and enable cost-efficient manufacturing to support the growing demand for affordable biologics. Technologies enabling high productivity, right-sized, small footprint, continuous, and automated upstream and downstream operations are evaluated in order to propose a concept for the flexible facility of the future.

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Anti-Insulin Antibody, clone1, clone MAB1, from mouse, purified by affinity chromatography
Natrix® Q Process 600
Natrix® Q Pilot
Natrix® Q Process 150