• Imaging Excited State Dynamics in Layered 2D Perovskites with Transient Absorption Microscopy.

Imaging Excited State Dynamics in Layered 2D Perovskites with Transient Absorption Microscopy.

The journal of physical chemistry. A (2019-11-16)
Olivia F Williams, Ninghao Zhou, Jun Hu, Zhenyu Ouyang, Amar Kumbhar, Wei You, Andrew M Moran

Two-dimensional (2D) hybrid perovskites are generating broad scientific interest because of their potential for use in photovoltaics and microcavity lasers. It has recently been demonstrated that mixtures of quantum wells with different thicknesses can be assembled in films with heterogeneous quantum well distributions. Large (small) quantum wells are concentrated at the air side (substrate side) of the films, thereby promoting directional energy and/or electron transfer. However, profiles of the quantum well concentrations have not been directly measured throughout the full thicknesses of the films. Similarly, the lateral motions of the excitations in these systems are not well-characterized. In this work, we perform focused ion beam milling tests to establish quantum well concentrations as a function of depth in layered 2D perovskite films. In addition, transient absorption microscopy is used to investigate carrier diffusion and two-body recombination processes. Comparisons of the layered films with phase-pure single crystals reveal that diffusion is suppressed by grain boundaries in the films, which in turn promotes two-body recombination. Similar behaviors were previously observed in bulk perovskite films and single crystals. These studies suggest that the morphology of the film, rather than the identity of the material, is the primary factor that governs the two-body recombination dynamics. Enhancement of the two-body recombination processes is desirable for applications such as microcavity lasers.

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