First identification of ITM2B interactome in the human retina.

Scientific reports (2021-08-28)
J Wohlschlegel, M Argentini, C Michiels, C Letellier, V Forster, C Condroyer, Z He, G Thuret, C Zeitz, T Léger, I Audo

Integral Membrane Protein 2 B (ITM2B) is a type II ubiquitous transmembrane protein which role remains unclear. ITM2B mutations have been associated with different disorders: mutations leading to longer mutant proteins have been reported in two distinct Alzheimer-like autosomal dominant disorders with early-onset progressive dementia and cerebellar ataxia. Both disorders share neurological features including severe cerebral amyloid angiopathy, non-neuritic plaques, and fibrillary tangles as in Alzheimer disease. Our group reported a missense mutation in ITM2B, in an unusual retinal dystrophy with no dementia. This finding suggests a specific role of ITM2B in the retina. As the identification of retinal-specific ITM2B partners could bring new insights into the cellular functions of ITM2B, we performed quantitative proteomics of ITM2B interactome of the human retina. Overall, 457 ITM2B partners were identified with 8 of them involved in visual transduction. In addition, bulk Gene Ontology analyses showed that many ITM2B partners are involved in several other biological functions, such as microtubule organization, protein translation and interestingly, mitochondrial homeostasis. These data represent the first report of the ITM2B interactome in the human retina and may serve as a valuable inventory of new potential ITM2B partners for future investigations of ITM2B physiological functions and dysfunctions.

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