• Meteorin Is a Novel Therapeutic Target for Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

Meteorin Is a Novel Therapeutic Target for Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

Journal of clinical medicine (2021-07-20)
Kimberley Delaunay, Alexandre Sellam, Virginie Dinet, Alexandre Moulin, Min Zhao, Emmanuelle Gelizé, Jérémie Canonica, Marie-Christine Naud, Patricia Crisanti-Lassiaz, Francine Behar-Cohen

The aim of this study was to evaluate the potential anti-angiogenic effect of MTRN (meteorin) in the laser-induced CNV rat model and explore its mechanisms of action. MTRN, thrompospondin-1, glial cell markers (GFAP, vimentin), and phalloidin were immuno-stained in non-human primate flat-mounted retinas and human retina cross sections. The effect of MTRN at different doses and time points was evaluated on laser-induced CNV at 14 days using in vivo fluorescein angiography and ex vivo quantification of CNV. A pan transcriptomic analysis of the retina and the RPE/choroid complex was used to explore MTRN effects mechanisms. In human retina, MTRN is enriched in the macula, expressed in and secreted by glial cells, and located in photoreceptor cells, including in nuclear bodies. Intravitreal MTRN administered preventively reduced CNV angiographic scores and CNV size in a dose-dependent manner. The highest dose, administered at day 7, also reduced CNV. MTRN, which is regulated by mineralocorticoid receptor modulators in the rat retina, regulates pathways associated with angiogenesis, oxidative stress, and neuroprotection. MTRN is a potential novel therapeutic candidate protein for wet AMD.

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