A consensus sequence for cleavage by vertebrate DNA topoisomerase II.

Nucleic acids research (1988-06-24)
J R Spitzner, M T Muller

Topoisomerase II, purified from chicken erythrocytes, was reacted with a large number of different DNA fragments and cleavages were catalogued in the presence and absence of drugs that stabilize the cleavage intermediate. Cleavages were sequenced to derive a consensus for topoisomerase II that predicts catalytic sites. The consensus is: (sequence; see text) where N is any base and cleavage occurs at the indicated mark between -1 and +1. The consensus accurately predicts topoisomerase II sites in vitro. This consensus is not closely related to the Drosophila consensus sequence, but the two enzymes show some similarities in site recognition. Topoisomerase II purified from human placenta cleaves DNA sites that are essentially identical to the chicken enzyme, suggesting that vertebrate type II enzymes share a common catalytic sequence. Both viral and tissue specific enhancers contain sites sharing strong homology to the consensus and endogenous topoisomerase II recognizes some of these sites in vivo.

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Topoisomerase II α human, (Single band on SDS-PAGE), liquid