The structure of Ro 09-0198 in different environments.

Biopolymers (1992-04-01)
H Kessler, D F Mierke, J Saulitis, S Seip, S Steuernagel, T Wein, M Will

The constitution and configuration of Ro 09-0198 (cinnamycin) have been determined in DMSO. Further investigations in aqueous solution, in SDS micelles and in a lipid bilayer have been done to study the influence of different environments on the conformation of the peptide. It turned out that in spite of the polycyclic structure of the molecule, the conformation is drastically changed going from water to SDS micelles. Ro 09-0198 orients itself in lipid bilayers as expected from its amphiphilic structure. According to a nuclear Overhauser effect spectroscopy experiment under magic angle spinning (MAS) conditions, the molecule is incorporated into the membrane with its hydrophobic part inside the bilayer.

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Cinnamycin, from Streptomyces cinnamoneus, ≥95% (HPLC)