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CRISPR Cas9 Proteins

A Cas9 protein and synthetic guide RNA form a complex—a ribonucleoprotein (RNP)— a key to successful gene editing. Direct introduction of an RNP, rather than expression from a plasmid, offers many benefits: a functional nuclease is immediately available in the cell, then the complex is quickly cleared, making the editing activity short-lived. This reduces off-target effects and leaves no genomic footprint from DNA integration into the genome.

Choosing the best Cas9 protein for your specific application will ensure success in your experimental goals. Whether you need a Cas9 protein with very low off-target effects, one appropriate for gene activation/inhibition studies, or one allowing visualization of delivery, we offer options that will work for you. We have the largest selection of Cas9 proteins available, so we can meet these, and many other specifications.

Some features of our Cas9 proteins include:

  • More nuclear localization signals (NLSs) for specificity
  • Stringent manufacturing and purification standards
  • High editing activity and specificity – don’t compromise!
  • Reduced off- targeting with transient expression

Once you have selected your Cas9 protein, browse our RNP protocols to see exactly how these powerful tools can work for you.

Click here for additional information on Cas9-GFP proteins.

Design and order your gRNAs to complete your RNP complex:

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