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Ionic Liquid GC Capillary Columns

Accurate. Precise. Consistent. Ionic Liquid and SLB® i-series GC Capillary Columns

We know that only the most accurate analytical products will do.

That’s why we offer the only portfolio of Ionic Liquid GC columns under the Supelco brand, providing you the accuracy, precision and consistency you need.

In 2005, Prof. Daniel W. Armstrong (University of Texas at Arlington) showed that dicationic and polycationic ionic liquids could successfully be used as viable GC stationary phases. These consist of two or more organic cations joined by a linkage, and associated with anions, which can be either inorganic or organic. Ionic liquid phases differ physically and chemically from non-ionic liquid stationary phases.

  • They are much smaller compared to big, bulky polysiloxane polymer and polyethylene glycol phases, plus there are no active hydroxyl groups. These features lead to greater stability, even in the presence of moisture and/or oxygen.
  • Many modifications are possible to alter selectivity. The base structure can be dicationic or polycationic. There are numerous cation, linkage, and anion choices. Pendant groups can be added to cations and/or linkages.

This patented technology is used in our Supelco SLB®-IL series columns, the only commercially available Ionic liquid Capillary Columns in the market.

Ionic liquids have the opportunity to impact current practices along several paths:

  • Columns can be engineered with identical selectivity to non-ionic liquid columns, but with higher operating temperatures and less susceptibility to damage from moisture and/or oxygen.
  • Columns can be engineered with completely unique selectivity to non-ionic liquid columns, producing good peak shape and resolution for compounds of varying functionality.
  • Columns can be used in multidimensional separations, due to their engineered orthogonality and high thermal stability.

Arguably one of the most exciting Ionic Liquid Capillary Columns is the Watercol™ column.This column allows the qualitative and quantitative determination of water in a variety of matrices, by GC, eliminating the need for special testing for water. This is a revolutionary new method that is taking the industry by storm, causing users to say, "It's magic!".

If you’re looking for an ASTM D3606 alternative, we’ve used our Ionic Liquid technology to come out with a column specifically for this method. Our SLB-ILD3606 column allows the complete resolution of aromatics and oxygenates in reformulated gasoline on one column, dramatically reducing analysis time and improving results.

You can also achieve exceptional resolution of PAHs using the SLB®-ILPAH capillary GC columns. This column can separate the most difficult isomer sets including phenanthrene, anthracene, benzo[a]anthracene, chrysene, triphenylene, benzo[b]fluoranthene, benzo[k]fluoranthene, and benzo[j]fluoranthene.

To learn more about this innovative technology, or to request an evaluation column, visit our Ionic Liquid GC Column Literature page. Additional information or assistance can be obtained by contacting Technical Service.

SLB® (i-series)

Enjoy Selectivity and Inertness today with the SLB® i-series!

The improved inertness for polar analytes was the inspiration for the development of SLB®-IL (i-series) ionic liquid capillary GC columns. They solve a dilemma that has existed for a long time; is it better to optimize for selectivity or inertness? With i-series columns, GC users can enjoy selectivity and inertness!

By providing both selectivity and inertness towards polar analytes, better accuracy and sensitivity can be achieved. When comparing the chromatography of two analytes with similar boiling points:

  • Traditional highly polar columns have high selectivity and low inertness to polar analytes, and thus produce good resolution but poor peak shape
  • Traditional non-polar columns have low selectivity and high inertness to polar analytes, so provide good peak shapes for both analytes, but limited resolution
  • SLB®-IL (i-series) columns combine high selectivity and high inertness to polar analytes thus providing high resolution and good peak shapes for polar analytes
Selectivity and/or Inertness

Selectivity and/or Inertness

A range of i-series columns were developed and classified as polar (SLB®-IL60i), highly polar (SLB®-IL76i), and extremely polar (SLB®-IL111i).

See below or here for our current offering.

Proven Applications

Additional SLB®-IL (i-series) products are in the pipeline. If you do not see the chemistry and/or dimension you want, please send an inquiry to

Learn about the determination of benzene in reformulated gasoline by downloading our flyer.

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