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KitAlysis™ High-Throughput Screening Platform

In the high-pressure environment of discovery chemistry, time is everything. While general catalytic methods exist, substrate dependency makes it difficult to predict optimal conditions in practice. A thoughtful screening process is the best way to cover a large amount of chemical space quickly while using small amounts of often precious intermediates.

KitAlysis High-Throughput Screening Kits provide the optimal solution to quickly and efficiently identify or optimize suitable catalytic reaction conditions.

Features include:

  • Microscale format requires only ~100 mg total of each substrate to run 24 unique chemical reactions (3–4 mg per reaction)
  • Reaction array (catalysts, solvents, bases, and temperature) is designed and validated by practicing medicinal/process chemists in some of the largest pharma companies in the world
  • All components are included. End-user supplies only substrate and commonly used lab essentials (pipettes and syringes)
  • KitAlysis Labware eliminates the need to set up reactions in a glove box

KitAlysis technology showcases the most widely used catalytic methods of synthetic chemists in both academia and industry, translated into an off-the-shelf screening system. Now, any bench chemist can rapidly run 24 unique microscale reactions in parallel with conditions tailored to ensure the best possible chance of success.

Head-to-head Comparison

Head-to-head comparison of running test reaction (Scheme 1) under standard glove box conditions and using the KitAlysis™ Benchtop Inertion Box.

Cost Analysis

  1. Minimal typical cost of purchasing new catalyst.
  2. Average cost of the 12 catalyst in the kit based upon the smallest SKU size available, excludes anhydrous solvents and bases.
  3. Salary cost based on chemist salary i44/ American-Chemical-Societys-Members-Earn . Average time to plan, set-up, and analyze (single reaction = 1 hour, 24 reactions with KitAlysis = 2 hours)
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