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RCS® Series and HYCON® Agar Strip

The hygiene standard in less critical manufacturing areas is directly linked to the microbiological safety of the finished products. Make sure that your active microbial air sampling solutions generate precise, reliable and reproducible results. Our easy-to-use monitoring systems fully comply with international standards and regulations.

RCS® Microbial Air Sampling System

The RCS® Series – Proven Safety and Reliability

RCS® Microbial Air Sampling Systems have been used by food and beverage businesses for over 30 years, it is well known for safe and reliable environmental monitoring of ambient air and compressed gases in controlled environments:

  • Gentle but effective collection of airborne microorganisms at low impaction speeds using the proven Reuter Centrifugal Impaction (RCS®) principle
  • Light weight instrument with easy to use controls and software
  • Complete compatibility with a wide range of ready-to-use agar strips, including our HYCON® Agar strips

HYCON® Agar Strips

A wide range of HYCON® Agar Strips are available for RCS® Microbial Air Samplers.

Available as selective media for yeasts and molds, coliform organisms and staphylococci, and as total count media

  • Manufactured under controlled aseptic conditions
  • Single packed strips to minimize waste
  • Re-closeable sleeve ensures for secure handling
  • Shelf life of up to six months to help save costs
  • Room temperature storage of nonselective media giving cost savings on temperature controlled storage
HYCON® agar strips
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