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ReadyShield® Phosphatase and Protease Inhibitor Cocktail FAQ

The ReadyShield® Protease Inhibitor Cocktail non-freezing formula means it’s ready when you are. Optimized and suitable for various cell types and tissue extracts including mammalian, plant and microbial, our ReadyShield® Protease Inhibitor Cocktail contains inhibitors with a broad specificity for serine, cysteine, acid proteases and aminopeptidases. To enable your next discovery, our ReadyShield® Protease Inhibitor Cocktail FAQ provides the answers you need, along with a convenient selection guide outlining the specific inhibitors included with each of our protease inhibitor cocktails. For additional protease inhibitor selection resources, visit our Protease Inhibitor Cocktail technical guide.

What are ReadyShield® Phosphatase and Protease Inhibitor Cocktails?

ReadyShield® Phosphatase and Protease Inhibitor Cocktails protect proteins during extraction from biological samples. They can be used to protect proteins in a cell lysate from proteases and phosphatases. Additionally, we also offer a cocktail for protection of secreted proteins in cell culture, with minimal interference to cell growth.

ReadyShield® Inhibitor Cocktails have been formulated to include inhibitors to proteases and phosphatases present in specific sample types, are compatible with numerous purification methods, and minimize interference with downstream analysis. The protease inhibitor selection table provides a summary of the inhibitors and product descriptions. For additional protease inhibitor selection resources, visit our Protease Inhibitor Cocktail technical guide.

For a broad-spectrum cocktail, our experts recommend PIC0002 if only protease inhibition is required and PPC2020 if both protease and phosphatase inhibition is required.

ReadyShield® inhibitor cocktails are provided as a 100X or 1000X solution, so there is no need to weigh powder or dissolve a tablet, it is ready when you are. With its non-freezing formulation, you can use it directly from the freezer. This saves time, allows for flexibility in amount withdrawn and provides a cost sensitive solution to minimize reagent waste.

The product is stable at -20 °C for 2 years from the assay date, which can be found on the lot specific CoA. The solution will not freeze in -20 °C storage and can be used directly from the freezer. Our experts have collected additional stability information that show ReadyShield® products are stable for at least one month at 4 °C, or for at least one week at 25 °C (room temperature).

The inhibitor cocktails are compatible with a variety of lysis buffers, including, but not limited to CelLytic™ and BugBuster® reagents.

No, all the cocktails are EDTA-free. Alternative metalloprotease inhibitors are included in the cocktail when needed, depending on the sample type. EDTA can be added if it does not interfere with the downstream purification or activity of your protein of interest. Please explore the reagent offerings below for recommended, ready-to-use EDTA products.

The PIC0007 cocktail has been formulated to avoid inhibitors that can interfere in mass spectrometry applications. See PIC0007 datasheet for further details on specific applications.

Yes, individual inhibitors can be purchased separately through the website.

Yes, all the ReadyShield® Inhibitor Cocktails can be customized or bulk ordered. Please contact customer service for this request.

ReadyShield® Inhibitor Cocktail Product Selection Table

The selection table below summarizes the inhibitors present in each product, as well as the type of proteases and phosphatases that are inhibited.

Unfreeze your protein research. ReadyShield Inhibitor Cocktail Product Selection Table
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