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With Innovative supelco® products

Discover our complete range of innovative products for accurate, brilliant results in a variety of analytical applications.

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Cerilliant Certified Reference Materials Brochure

New Cerilliant® Certified Reference Materials

Accurate. Precise. Consistent.

Cerilliant® products are designed to promote laboratory efficiency, ensure accuracy and reliability of results, and support laboratory regulatory requirements.

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You might also benefit from exploring our analytical chemistry reference materials.

Diagnostic Metabolites Brochure Supelco Analytical Products

Diagnostic Metabolites

Reference Materials for newborn screening & detection of metabolic diseases.

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Discover new possibilities with our pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs & diagnostic biomarkers.

Plated metabolite libraries brochure

Plated Metabolite Libraries

We provide a complete offering of plated metabolite libraries from IROA Technologies, Inc. to better meet your research needs in mass spectrometry.

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Start your screening by browsing our products here.

Quantitative Lipidomics from Avanti Polar Lipids Brochure

Dive Into Lipidomics with UltimateSPLASH ONE

Complete Internal Standard Solution for Quantitative Lipidomics from Avanti® Polar Lipids.

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Dive in to our range of more than 2,000 Avanti® products with >99% purity.

Analytix Reporter - Analytical Journal

Analytix Reporter

Find valuable information for analytical chemists written by analytical chemists to support and enable reliable analytical workflows ensuring repeatable and accurate results. Read more about:

  • New Applications & Methods
  • New Analytical Workflow Tools
  • Advice on Methods & Techniques
  • News from Science & Technology

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