Reliable Materials for Lateral Flow Assay Development

As part of our commitment to advancing better health through diagnostics, we have focused on creating key products, tools, and guidance for the successful development, scale-up, and manufacturing of IVD tests. Our lateral flow assay reagents and raw materials are used in many IVDs globally because of ideal performance and reliable supply-chain. The products are backed by deep technical expertise which supports robust immunoassay manufacturing specifications.

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Our goal is to work with you to optimize your lateral flow test to achieve the most accurate sensitivity and specificity. We provide expertise in assay development as well as being a reliable, quality raw material provider. As a leader in lateral flow membrane development and manufacturing, we can provide the expertise to help you optimize your tests more quickly and effectively.

Our quality systems, robust supply chain, and regulatory expertise, combined with a full range of custom and contract manufacturing services provide a global solution for the diagnostics industry with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Risk mitigation is a core focus for IVD manufacturers, driven by commercial best practices and regulatory requirements. Our comprehensive risk assessment tool is a powerful means to achieve greater insight into the supply chain of your critical raw materials, the associated potential risks, and recommended proactive risk mitigation solutions. This assessment provides value for all steps of IVD development, from R&D through commercialization.

Our new Elevate program gives IVD manufacturers the confidence needed to enter a more stringently regulated landscape with products that meet the high standards including documentation that will suffice for any audit.

Our bench-to-bulk chemicals and regulated materials offer precisely what you need, at every stage of your workflow or application. With our on-site production capabilities and a large inventory of starting materials, we provide rapid and accurate results. Our facilities give us the capability to perform syntheses ranging from milligram to kilogram quantities, provide custom packaging services, and guarantee client confidentiality. In addition, we offer a variety of product grades, including S&P tested and full GMP certified material, with the most rigorous standards in the industry to meet customer specifications.

Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent assays (ELISA) and Chemiluminescent immunoassays (CLIA) are powerful diagnostic platforms but optimizing their reagents and performance can be a challenge. We have extensive expertise in developing the reagents, antibodies, and other assay components for successful immunoassay commercialization. Explore our technical articles, troubleshooting guides, and protocols for ELISA and CLIA development and optimization.

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