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Millipore ZHE Hazardous Waste System

ZHE (Zero Head Space Extractor) system has been designated by the USEPA as a suitable apparatus for Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP).

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316 stainless steel body
fluoroelastomer A O-ring
molded polypropylene handwheel(s)

Quality Level


3.5 bar max. inlet pressure (50 psi)


27.9 cm


15.9 cm

filter diam.

90 mm

filtration area

64 cm2


6.8 kg


1/8 in. female NPT inlet upstream port for two-way SST valve with 1/8 in. NPTF for Luer fitting
1/4 in. female NPT outlet port for 1/4 x 1/8 in. T-fitting
1/4 in. female NPT outlet port for 1/4 in. elbow
1/4 in. female NPT outlet port for pressure relief valve


for use with ZHE Hazardous Waste Filtration System

shipped in


General description

Do your waste samples contain volatile substances, such as isopropanol, acetone or xylene? Then use our ZHE (Zero Head Space Extractor) Hazardous Waste Filtration system, which is approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an apparatus for Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) measurement.

The system cannot pressurize unless completely assembled; this eliminates accidentally “shooting the piston” out of the unit and assures safe operation. Choose both manual and automatic venting modes.

Features & Benefits:
•Allows for pressurization of filter without introducing air, due to movable piston design
•Prevents loss of volatiles
•Manual and automatic venting modes
•System cannot be pressurized unless completely assembled, thereby preventing "shooting the piston" out of the unit accidentally

US EPA Extraction Procedure (EP) Toxicity Test and Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure

Hazardous Waste System
YT30090HW Millipore ZHE Hazardous Waste System

Replacement Parts
XX2702512 2-way Valve, 1/8 in. NPTM, stainless steel
XX6700010 Cylinder O-rings 3
XX6700024 Vent/Relief Valve, 9 bar
XX6700104 Street Elbow, 1/4 in. NPTF to M
YT3009001 Piston with O-rings, wiper seal
YT3009002 Fitting Luer 1/8 in. NPTF
YT3009003 Piston O-rings, wiper seal
YT3009013 Quick-disconnect Female Swagelok
YT3009014 Quick-disconnect Male Swagelok
YY2209064 Support Screen 90 mm, stainless steel
YY2209068 O-ring, 2-235, 90 mm, fluoroelastomer
YY2214257 Hand Knob

XX6700P05 Dispensing Pressure Vessel, 5 L
YT3009015 ZHE Tight Syringe, 50ml
YT3009016 ZHE Tedlar Bag, 1 liter

Connector Kit Components
XX3002567 Adapter, 1/8 in. NPTF to M Luer-Lok, chrome plated
XX6700024 Vent/Relief Valve, 9 bar
XX6700030 Quick-release Nipple & Coupling, 1/4 in. NPTM
XX6700125 Hex Nipple, 1/4 in. NPTM 51 mm., stainless steel
XX6702507 Tube Adapter, 1/4 in. NPTM to 1/4 in. Tube
XX6702508 Tubing, 6 mm O.D. x 3 m, polypropylene
YT3009013 Quick-disconnect Female Swagelok
YY1301015 Pressure Gauge, 0–7 bar
YY2029348 Ball Valve, 1/4 in. NPTF, stainless steel



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