RNAi Libraries

Functional Genomics screening lies at the beginning of discovery research.

shRNA Libraries for Unparalleled Genomic Coverage

Sigma-Aldrich® Advanced Genomics is the exclusive provider of the TRC1.5 and TRC2 collections from The RNAi Consortium (TRC). These lentivirus-based shRNA libraries deliver unparalleled coverage and are available in multiple formats that include whole-genome, individual RNAi clones/vectors, and gene family sets. Available in standard glycerol format or higher quality DNA and lentiviral formats.

With over 350 years of technical leadership, Sigma-Aldrich® Advanced Genomics products come with expertise that extends Beyond the Bench—from discovery to therapeutic impact.


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Powerful Gene Modulation to Illuminate Genetic Pathways

Functional genomics screens are an integral part of discovery research, allowing you to unravel the mechanisms that belie biological systems, pathways, and diseases. Effective interrogation of these complex molecular interaction networks requires shRNA libraries that deliver reliable, efficient, and long-term knockdown.

Sigma-Aldrich® Advanced Genomics offers the most trusted and comprehensive shRNA screening portfolio for even the most demanding functional genomics screens. For more focused screening, the MISSION® shRNA gene family sets are collections of genes related to specific cellular/molecular pathways highly cited in the literature. Our Bioinformatics team has methodically mapped all TRC shRNA clones to each set. Gene family sets are fully customizable, allowing for complete flexibility to add or delete clone or gene content. Additionally, any panel can be arrayed in either 96 or 384-well plate formats. All gene family sets can be used at the benchtop for focused target discovery and pathway analysis.

The Largest and Most Validated shRNA Collection from The RNAi Consortium (TRC)

Our unique screening formats leverage the discovery potential of the trusted and proven TRC shRNA collection. When you partner with us, you gain access to our world-class lentiviral production expertise and the formats you require for systematic or pooled RNAi screening on any scale. From the LentiPlex® pooled whole genome lentiviral shRNA library to your own custom designs or individual clones, we offer the complete spectrum of shRNA tools to get you started screening today.

TRC pLKO Lentiviral Vectors and Controls

Whether you need controls for color, alternate promoters, or higher titers, our collection has you covered. Our primary backbones are the TRC-designed pLKO.1-puro and TRC2-pLKO.5-puro vectors. These vectors can be adapted to meet your needs for any experiment.

shRNA Custom Cloning, Lentiviral Manufacturing and DNA Purification Services

We offer a variety of custom RNAi products, including:

  • Generation of customized gene sets
  • High-throughput DNA purification
  • Deconvolution of complex shRNA pools
  • Variety of custom cloning options available
  • High-throughtput lentiviral manufacturing
  • Large scale viral manufacuring from 1 mL to liters, as well as customized viral packaging
  • Concentrated viral preparations up to 109 VP/mL
  • Functional titer assays available - FACS or CFU

Have a custom project you want to discuss? Connect with a Sigma-Aldrich® Advanced Genomics Expert.

Pooled Screening Deconvolution Services

We can help you to identify your hits from your pooled shRNA screens using next-generation sequencing. Our expertise with TRC1, TRC1.5 and TRC2 libraries means you don’t have to worry about shRNA pool deconvolution. Using a simultaneous sequencing method, we’ll provide your data in an easy-to-analyze format that allows you to focus on results.

MISSION® shRNA Knockdown Guarantee

Sigma-Aldrich® shRNA is guaranteed that upon purchase of the defined lentiviral clone set quantity on the shRNA product page for your gene of interest (this varies, but is typically 5 clones), that at least one of those lentiviral clones for a gene should yield greater than 70% knockdown.

We’re Here to Help

Whether you need help designing your RNAi experiment, require assistance troubleshooting, or simply want to better understand how lentiviral screening can enhance your research, Sigma-Aldrich® Advanced Genomics is here to guide you. Connect with a Sigma-Aldrich® Advanced Genomics Expert.

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