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Catalexis Catalyst Screening Platform

Chemist, who is not visible, views the logon screen for Catalexis in a well-equipped chemistry lab with advanced instruments.

Catalysis is a cornerstone of modern chemistry, but it’s tricky: subtle variations in experimental conditions can have a huge impact on the success of cross-coupling catalysis. And given the myriad of catalysts and ligands available, it’s difficult to find the right ones for specific reactions. 

It's now possible to digitally optimize cross-coupling reactions with Catalexis. This digital solution empowers chemists to make informed decisions faster, with a higher degree of precision, significantly reducing trial and error in the laboratory.

With the Catalexis platform, chemists have all the necessary resources for catalysis in a hybrid solution of reaction materials and data analysis. 

  • The package includes a curated set of 23 phosphine ligands + a palladium source and access to the digital portal.
  • After the reactions have been conducted, the data can be uploaded in the Catalexis portal for catalyst screening using advanced algorithmic analysis. This unparalleled tool evaluates and ranks optimal phosphine ligands for your reaction.
  • The platform not only simplifies the decision-making process regarding material selection but also paves the way for efficient scale-up strategies. The integration of Catalexis into the workflow enables more sustainable, cost-effective, and innovative catalysis research.

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