• Pleural Effusion Aspirate for use in 3D Lung Cancer Modeling and Chemotherapy Screening.

Pleural Effusion Aspirate for use in 3D Lung Cancer Modeling and Chemotherapy Screening.

ACS biomaterials science & engineering (2019-11-15)
Andrea Mazzocchi, Mahesh Devarasetty, Samuel Herberg, William J Petty, Frank Marini, Lance Miller, Gregory Kucera, David K Dukes, Jimmy Ruiz, Aleksander Skardal, Shay Soker

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death worldwide yet in vitro disease models have been limited to traditional 2D culture utilizing cancer cell lines. In contrast, recently developed 3D models (organoids) have been adopted by researchers to improve the physiological relevance of laboratory study. We have hypothesized that 3D hydrogel-based models will allow for improved disease replication and characterization over standard 2D culture using cells taken directly from patients. Here, we have leveraged the use of 3D hydrogel-based models to create lung cancer organoids using a unique cell source, pleural effusion aspirate, from multiple lung cancer patients. With these 3D models, we have characterized the cell populations comprising the pleural effusion aspirate and have tracked phenotypic changes that develop during short-term in vitro culture. We found that isolated, patient cells placed directly into organoids created anatomically relevant structures and exhibited lung cancer specific behaviors. On the other hand, cells first grown in plastic dishes and then cultured in 3D did not create similar structures. Further, we have been able to compare chemotherapeutic response of patient cells between 2D and 3D cell culture systems. Our results show that cells in 2D culture were more sensitive to treatment when compared with 3D organoids. Collectively, we have been able to utilize tumor cells from pleural effusion fluid of lung cancer patients to create organoids that display in vivo like anatomy and drug response and thus could serve as more accurate disease models for study of tumor progression and drug development.

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