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Compliant and Accurate Microbial Testing with the EZ Product Family

Streamline Your Microbial Testing Workflow with EZ Product Family

When performing high-throughput testing of filterable samples, it is important to ensure that the microbial testing process is as streamlined as possible to reduce the risk of sample contamination and keep on productivity. EZ product family is designed to facilitate microbiology workflow in quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) laboratories for the pharma, cosmetics, and beverage industries. The EZ product family provides optimal test performance and streamlines your microbial analysis workflow, delivering reproducible results. 

EZ-Fit® Filtration Unit

The EZ-Fit® filtration unit is a disposable filtration device for microbial QC testing of liquid samples. Perfect fit for bioburden testing in the pharma industry or spoilage testing in the beverage industry, this ready-to-use filtration unit is designed for optimizing and securing the laboratory workflow to save time and provide reliable microbiological results. The unit helps to protect samples from secondary contamination during the testing process as a vented lid covers the sample throughout filtration.

The EZ-Fit® filtration unit conforms to international standards (EP/USP/ISO standards) and complies with water testing regulations.

The EZ-Fit® filtration unit is ergonomically designed for efficient workflow:

  • Transparent funnel material for visualizing the completion of the filtration from any angle
  • Clear filling level indicators in the funnel to avoid sample overflow
  • Easy membrane handling (transfer and placement onto agar plate)
  • Innovative funnel assembly design preventing leakage and sample from by-passing the membrane
  • Stackable units to save lab workspace

EZ-Fit® Manifold

The EZ-Fit® Manifold makes laboratory filtration easy and smooth. Its unique design includes quick-fit connections for assembly and disassembly without tools. Different filtration heads, all with quick-fit connections, make the manifold compatible with different types of disposable and reusable filtration devices. In addition, the internal areas are easily accessible for efficient cleaning of all surfaces, thus ensuring no biofilm is formed. 

Membrane Filtration Vacuum Manifold for Microbial Testing

  • The 2-way valve prevents the accidental touching of the filtration head while opening or closing the valve
  • Low height for ease of use in laminar flow hoods
  • Extension accessories enable convenient operation at lab benches

EZ-Stream® Pump

Completing your filtration set-up, the EZ-Stream® Pump increases efficiency by transferring the filtered liquid directly to the waste. Simply connect the pump to the vacuum manifold and place the discard tubing to drain and you are ready to filter. This saves significant amount of time versus traditional vacuum and pressure pumps or in-house vacuum as the following steps are eliminated: disconnecting the waste containers, emptying liquid waste, cleaning/decontamination, and re-installing the waste.

The compact design of the pump makes it ideal for use on both the workbench and in a laminar flow hood, saving precious laboratory space. The vacuum level of the pump is compliant with regulatory standards. 

Vacuum filtration pump benefits:

  • High-performance flow rate
  • No handling of liquid waste
  • Compact size
  • Noise reduction design
  • Smooth design, easy to decontaminate
  • Maintenance-free technology

EZ-Fluo™ Rapid Detection System

The EZ-Fluo™ Rapid Detection System is an intuitive, non-destructive, fluorescent staining-based system for fast quantitative detection of microorganisms in a wide range of filterable samples. This rapid system uses standard membrane filtration to detect viable and culturable microorganisms down to 1 CFU per sample. The EZ-Fluo™ test results are easily comparable to compendial method test results, which facilitates the validation and the integration of this rapid system in any laboratory without causing disruption. Detected microbial contamination can be then identified using your current ID methodology.

Our microbiology experts offer method development, validation and maintenance services

Our Experts at your Service!

Benefit from our decades of expertise in both technology and application:

  • Feasibility Study and On-Site Evaluation: Verify the suitability of the platform for your application
  • Method Development Services: Ensure optimal microbial recovery
    and rapid detection
  • Installation Services: Full installation and comprehensive training for your lab
  • Functional Testing Report and PQ consulting: Check your system performance and get ready for PQ
  • Service Plans: Ensure the continued performance and reliability of your system

Visit our webpages to learn more about our Method Development and Validation Services; and our Maintenance Services.

EZ Product Family Hardware
EZ-Fit® Filtration Units: Blue EZ-Fit® Filtration Units – Suitable for Beverage Applications
EZ-Fit® Filtration Units: Pink EZ-Fit® Filtration Units – Suitable for Pharma Applications
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