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Fetal Bovine Serum that Makes the Grade

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Finding the right FBS has never been easier

As cell culturists, we understand how important it is to find the FBS that is right for your lab needs and budget. Sustained, cost-effective cell growth and maintenance – along with the consistent culture outcomes that make your experimental results reproducible – depend on choosing and stocking appropriate–quality FBS. 

Our extensive portfolio of FBS enables you to easily select from a curated list that meets your precise requirements and features your most relevant criteria.

All about serum

Have questions about serum? Explore our learning center to discover more about the different types of sera and sera selection, frequently asked questions, how to properly store and thaw serum, and testing and quality standards.

  • Serum grade
  • Geographic origin
  • Suitability for different culture types
  • У-irradiated vs. non-irradiated
  • Heat-inactivation
  • Storage, thawing, and handling

Calcium fluctuation in HL-1 cells using FBS (F2442) after five passages and detected with Fluo-8 AM.

Technical Articles and Support

Serum selection made easy

You’re serious about your cell culture projects. So are we. Whether you are performing general cell culture, biomanufacturing, or specialty cell culture, finding the right sera for your project doesn’t need to be difficult. Discover which class of FBS works best for your cell culture workflow.

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