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Therapeutic antibody lead discovery involves the selection of antibody candidates for targeted therapies. After a specific target has been identified, antibodies are produced using the target molecule as an antigen. Antibodies can be generated using methods including hybridoma technology, B cell cloning, and phage display. Antibodies are then purified and screened for their ability to bind antigen. Selected antibodies are further characterized to determine their specificity, affinity, stability, and pharmacokinetic properties. We provide numerous platforms and reagents to support the lead discovery process, from monoclonal antibody generation to isolation, selection, and lead optimization. 

Lead Optimization for Monoclonal Antibodies

Photograph of scientist’s hand using tweezers to place a Millicell® cell culture insert containing culture media into a microplate

For optimized pharmacological drug efficacy, toxicity, and safety in monoclonal antibody drug development, we have an extensive portfolio of in vitro tools, cell models, and assays. Our innovative solutions include a broad range of cell lines and ready-to-assay cells for applications such as ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion) assays and pharmacological studies. Our immuno-oncology panel cell lines provide an efficient and reliable model system for studying cancer immunotherapy. We also supply primary cells, PBMCs and NK cells, and patient-derived organoids for cellular models that more closely mimic the physiological environment and architecture of in vivo systems.

To support the development of safe and effective drug therapies, we have a range of cell health assays, including viability, apoptosis, and proliferation assays. Our live cell imaging reagents enable visualization and quantification of various cellular processes, providing insight into drug toxicity and efficacy.

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