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Therapeutic antibody lead discovery involves the selection of antibody candidates for targeted therapies. After a specific target has been identified, antibodies are produced using the target molecule as an antigen. Antibodies can be generated using methods including hybridoma technology, B cell cloning, and phage display. Antibodies are then purified and screened for their ability to bind antigen. Selected antibodies are further characterized to determine their specificity, affinity, stability, and pharmacokinetic properties. We provide numerous platforms and reagents to support the lead discovery process, from monoclonal antibody generation to isolation, selection, and lead optimization. 

Screening and Selecting Monoclonal Antibody Candidates

3D illustration of antibodies binding to antigen coated onto the surface of a plate

We carry a range of products to support the screening and selection of monoclonal antibodies. Our immunoassay platforms include highly sensitive ELISA kits, customizable ELISA plates, and MultiScreen® filter plates for high-throughput ELISpot assays. Our PEPscreen® peptides and custom peptide libraries provide reliable, cost-effective, and rapid peptide synthesis for complete epitope mapping of target proteins. Whether you are confirming or characterizing antibody-antigen interactions, our products offer a reliable solution for monoclonal antibody selection. 

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ELISA Kits and Reagents

Rapid, quantitative, and sensitive analyte detection at low cost.

MultiScreen® ELISA Plates
MultiScreen® ELISA Plates

Medium and high-binding plates to develop your own ELISAs.

96-well and 384-well MultiScreen® filter plates
MultiScreen® Filter Plates

Filter plates for ligand binding assays, ELISpot assays, and more.

Custom Peptides
Custom Peptides

Peptide design, high quality synthesis, and rigorous QC analysis.

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