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Therapeutic antibody lead discovery involves the selection of antibody candidates for targeted therapies. After a specific target has been identified, antibodies are produced using the target molecule as an antigen. Antibodies can be generated using methods including hybridoma technology, B cell cloning, and phage display. Antibodies are then purified and screened for their ability to bind antigen. Selected antibodies are further characterized to determine their specificity, affinity, stability, and pharmacokinetic properties. We provide numerous platforms and reagents to support the lead discovery process, from monoclonal antibody generation to isolation, selection, and lead optimization. 

Monoclonal Antibody Production and Purification

Major technological advances have made the production of monoclonal antibodies quicker and more efficient. There are three established platforms for antibody discovery: hybridoma development, B cell cloning, and antibody phage display. We offer reagents for production of monoclonal antibody libraries using each of these techniques.

Our antibody isolation and purification solutions are designed to support rapid and efficient sample preparation. Amicon® filtration devices and MultiScreen® ultrafiltration plates provide researchers with an efficient means to enrich, purify, or buffer exchange antibody samples quickly. PureProteome™ Protein A, Protein G, and Protein A/G magnetic beads offer highly efficient means of immunoglobulin purification from cell culture supernatant samples, saving time and minimizing sample loss. Our advanced technology and extensive expertise in sample preparation allow you to move quickly and efficiently to the next step in the lead discovery process. 

Cartoon illustration depicting yellow cells, each expressing a different antibody clone represented by purple, pink, red, green, and blue antibodies on the cell surface

Hybridoma Development

Hybridoma technology is the most-widely recognized immortalization technique of mouse B cells and has revolutionized monoclonal antibody (mAb) discovery. This technique begins with the immunization of animals with target antigen to elicit an immune response and initiate B cell maturation. B cells are then isolated and fused with myeloma tumor cells to generate hybridomas. Because every B cell produces a unique antibody, single-cell cloning of hybridomas can be used to generate libraries of monoclonal antibodies on a large scale. Antibodies are then isolated or purified from the supernatant of cultured hybridoma cells. This technique is well-established and produces highly pure and specific antibodies.

Our hybridoma development tools were designed to streamline the hybridoma fusion and screening process to maximize efficiency. We carry a selection of products ranging from fusion cell lines to cell culture media, growth factors, and antibiotics.

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