Single-Use Mixers

Ranging from 10 to 3000 L, our single-use mixers have been designed to meet the broadest range of requirements. Mobius® single-use mixers efficiently blend pharmaceutical ingredients and prepare process solutions like buffers and media. Unlike traditional stainless steel mixers which require downtime for cleaning processes, Mobius® single-use mixers minimize it with uncompromised mix quality. For antibody drug conjugate manufacturing, the Mobius® ADC Reactor is specifically designed for the key conjugation step.

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Three white mobius MIX single-use mixers ranging in size from big to small.

Mobius® MIX: the mixing solution of choice for gentle mixing applications such as protein and shear-sensitive product homogenization

  • Available in 10 L, 50 L, 100 L, 200 L, 500 L, and 1,000 L sizes (jacketed stainless steel or plastic depending on size)
  • Fast, easy setup and use
  • Compact footprint and mobile carrier construction for enhanced flexibility
  • Instant-on electronics with no warmup needed
Three different sized stainless steel Mobius® Power MIX single-use mixers; medium on left, large in center, and small on right.

Mobius® Power MIX: the mixing solution of choice for hard-to-dissolve materials and buffer preparation

  • Available in 100 L, 200 L, 500 L, 1,000 L, 2,000 L, 2,500 L, and 3,000 L (jacketed stainless steel or plastic depending on size)
  • Stainless steel versions have wide doors that open to one half the mixer's diameter for easy bag loading
  • Optional integrated load cells and temperature sensor on stainless steel versions
Three sizes of Mobius<sup>®</sup> ADC reactors


  • Available in 10 L, 100 L, and 500 L sizes
  • Single-use components with proven compatibility with solvents such as DMAc and DMSO, ensuring product quality 
  • Designed with the requirements of conjugation in mind, with addition ports for tailored material handling
Mobius® mixers control boxes.

Ready to Connect Control

Mobius® mixers and Mobius® ADC Reactors can be monitored and controlled locally or remotely with  the Ready to Connect control box.

For Mobius® MIX and Power MIX, the smart control box with Bio4C ACE™ Control Software enables remote monitoring of critical process parameters, supplies advanced process control, and facilitates regulatory compliance during mixing operations.

Single-use mixer bags are made either with PureFlex™ or with Ultimus® film. The PureFlex™ family of single-use process container films are high purity, medical grade and coextruded to provide strength, flexibility, excellent gas barrier performance, and inert contact. Additionally, Ultimus® Film was designed for your more challenging single-use bioprocessing liquid applications, increasing durability while maintaining the ease of handling, flexibility, and conformity that single-use bioprocessing demands.

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